Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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If you feel BAD like me

Good day!! Today somehow I feel very happy.Energetic?Maybe because of KOKO Krunch..He he he...

Sometimes I feel very a whole world reject me.But then I always remember my mom.She the one who bring up my day no matter where I am.Her 'aura' is always surrounding me. I am not a girl who always be pampered but I always be tought how to be tough.Believe or not I start working as production operator since I was 18 because I knew if I won't, I will not be able to continue my study.To enter university,you need money not only to pay the fee but to buy all the needs before and during your study such as meal,book and even for transportation.

I could not depend on my parent because they also need to take care other seven children after me.I am eldest,so whether I want it or not I need to be strong.If not how can my younger siblings can learn from me.That was really hard time.A lot of tears will come out if I remember.A lot of suffer we faced.But I decide to share it after I achieve my goal where I can do it proudly.I am looking forward it.

But let me share how to face it.Maybe it can help you, although only a little but at least you will feel better.For me, no one can makes you happy except yourself and people who loves you.What you don't have people who loves you?Your mom?Not also?Okay how about your God?Feel it.Don't assume that your God will show His loves phisically like human do.Feel His present.

Can you feel the nice air?Breath it.It is a gift from God to you.Now think why you always get suffered but others did not?Actually you are the one who think like that.You think you're the one unluckiest person,but do you know other peoples thinking?Maybe they also same like you. So as a conclusion, humans are same.All of us will experience bitterness or sweetness in this world and maybe certain people will feel the sweetness as a bitterness depend on how we take it.

Bad thing happens as a test to see whether we are strong or not and good thing happens as a gift to us and maybe it can be a test to see how we handle it.But the most important thing is we should think positive and take it positively.Then after that we can be happy and enjoy our life.People who never feel pain will not be able to enjoy their healthiness.

When ever I feel bad,I will remember my mom's word."Feeling pain/suffer is a proof that you're close to victory".For example if you are climbing a mountain,the hardest part is when we were close to the top of the mountain because we need to face difficult slope like my experience climbing Bukit Metinggi at Cameron Highlands.After we facing that,then we can proudly having picnic at the top of it or place our flag on the top of the mountain.

So,when we having hard time,just think about it.Life is full with a new thing for us to learn.We cannot give up just like that without trying.Remember when we were little,we tried our best to stand up and run although so many times we fell down.Yes we crying,but we never stop trying. So all of us have that strength.So just stand up and face this life.There will be at least someone loves you.Enjoy it.

Smile always!

p/s:The biggest gift that I got from my parent is my name.So do you.When we was born,all people will feel happy,our parents will take a lot of time to think about our name,of course it must be a good one.All the blesses and prayers is inside our name.So be happy.
What?Your parent throw you away?!Dont worry at least your name is not Experiment 626.