Friday, May 18, 2007

Heart Pounding 12 Kingdoms

I m not really sure since when I watching 12 Kingdoms,but for first time I don't think that this anime is my type.But when I keep patient and watch it I feel like I never want to miss it.I always can not wait to watch next episode.12 Kingdoms is quite different with other anime that I used to watch.Usually other anime will makes me laugh but for 12 Kingdoms ,the way of story is not like that.

It is neither comedy nor romance.But it focus more on how the main character grow.For example Youko Nakajima,is high school student who does not happy with herself.Her problems is common for real high school student.Always worrying about other peoples,always thinking about what others think she is.It's like she is not become herself,until want day she was captured by a guy who kneel before her and swear his loyalty.In confuse,she was brought by that guy to his world along with her two schoolmate.

She faces a lot of difficulties from outside and inside herself in this new world, and then she got to know that she is Empress of Kei.But being an empress that does not know anything about her country,betrayed by her minister and cause a lot of conflicts makes she tried to learn something from her own.She then live along with citizens in order to know about the country.

To be honest, I got a lot of lesson by watching this anime, for example "Being nice to other and betrayed by others is not related at all.I don't want to be coward by killing people because of I am afraid that they will betray me.I being nice because I want to not because I afraid about other people thinking".And their a lot of useful quote that you can use in your real life.

Here above I put picture of Youko riding her kirin,Keiki.Kirin is beast like unicorn and also can form as human.He is a guy that kneel before Youko.Kirin cannot kneel to anyone else except their Empress or Emperor.Kirin who is choose the emperor.They only serve emperor.To know more what about watch it by yourself.;-P