Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday at the Office

Haii alll...
Today is Saturday. Wow, whoever got a break for this day it's very lucky. Maybe Saturday or Sunday is not special as Hari Raya or big day as we usually celebrate. But for me, who experienced working at Saturday in various companies (Sometimes Sunday :-() feel that it is very worth if we can use this only 2 day for ourselves.

We spend 5 day a week working and only weekend we can think about ourselves. I think there a lot of thing that we need to explore out side our working environment. Example, I never been homesick since I became hostel girl. But now at KL, since I entered really hectic working environment I become totally ‘anak manja’ who always miss her family and cat. So bad until I always aim to hug a cat that belongs to my neighbor here. I donno but I already aim several cats as my victim.Ha ha ha

It’s not about I hate my job; actually I loves working and really appreciate if I can get an employer who is really appreciate their worker. Programming maybe same like other job (I am not sure about it).But we always go back home at nite because we always loves to try something new in development. (Are u sure?)
It’s all happen after I just realize that we human being mostly we did the same routine. Studying, working and get married. It does just feel that maybe human maybe designed mostly this way. If we fail to complete those three task, it's sound like we‘re kind of looooooooseeerrr.Is it?
So sad, a lot of people outside there maybe cannot fulfill these three stages. Maybe a kid from divorced family, maybe a student who cannot continue their study because of poverty and a lot of people who got problem. And how about the countries which perish because of war? A lot of failures happen there. It‘s very hard to confess if we are civilian from those countries. People outside there maybe they don’t understand why I am talking about weekend because even the big special day is the same day for them.

When I was little, I also have experienced such a bad poverty. We did not even have opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya with Serunding Ayam instead we cooked fish. New clothes? It was difficult at that time, if my younger brother or sister got one it’s already more than enough for us. And then our house was bumped by durian tree in Ramadan and still we feel very lucky at that time because all of us still alive.

And now, not a lot of changes happen but we still happy because we worked hard to get over it. And special day that I always dream of is that I can spend my time with my family. (In other word, I always dream that I can work close to my hometown and see my parent face everyday and take care of them like what they did before—this is truly dream, very difficult to achieve)But what can I do only keep in touch with them. Let my mom hear my voice, mostly everyday…I really want to do something like TMNet commercial. Have a dinner with my family even only thru internet conference.(Huh u hu…I am gonna cry)

In our life, the most important thing is happiness. It’s ok to become workaholic as long we are happy and other people do not suffer. As we keep our environment no harm, it’s ok. (Aper la melalut nih)…Whatever we did just think about the consequences, whether we want to follow studying, working and married or not, that‘s only choices that we can choose. So don’t push ourselves too hard (I got that advise so many times).Just become true self.

Sooo..Oppss back to our main topic, Saturday.To those who get break on the weekend please utilize it. That is what we call quality time. (Ehhh...don't blaming me on wasting time writing blog at office.My Boss don even pay me for OT, because I sacrificed my break time to come to the office so I need to steal it a little(stress management-he he he )-ampun bosss……)
P/s: To all my friends, I miss u all. So just let me know if u wants me to get involve on weekend activities. Thank you.