Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love Is Blind, isn’t?

Maybe I am too naïve to talk about this, but I ‘m not saying it from my heart, it is from my observation.

Usually when people in love they shadowed by the person that they love. From little thing they do, they want almost everything including working life, they’re influence with the one they love.

It is suck sometimes when they spending their eight hours just to chat/contact with the one their love, and hand almost their work to other people. So sometimes I feel afraid of myself. Am I will become one? Will the same thing happens if I in love? They seem never see the world as reality when they in love. For example, they will argue about quality of the car, tell other people how good this car even that car is popular with its defect just because their lover used that car. Sometimes it really just sucks to ask their opinion. For example what computer should use, if you ask the people who are in this condition, usually they will appoint you the one that their lover used. Their lover is the greatest among other human. It is really suck!!

So usually I just ignore them, let them in their world even I knew the truth (For example, if their lover backstabbed behind them). My principle, “Don’t ever pick a fight with people who in love” They will declare you as their enemy who are jealous with their happiness. So it’s better way to let them experience by themselves. That will be much better.

Lesson learnt that I’ve got is, be realistic!!I hope I will not only see my lover in my whole life. There a lot of thing I should see, I should be real. This world is not made for two people; it’s created for everyone including animals and plants.

p/s:My love to cat is everlasting… he he he (I am not realistic enough)