Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love for Love?

I was waiting for the bus to move. Usually I picked bus from Butterworth to Perak because I was quite lazy to book a ticket. Gamble. I didn’t remember how old I was at that time, but I was student of UTP certainly.

Bus station at Butterworth near jetty and I can feel the beach breeze. A lady behind me was kissing his son while a grandmother just becomes an observer. Then the lady walked out from the bus.

I had nothing to do except watching people. Boring. Boring and boring~

“Where is mama?” The son asked, and he began to worry.

“Don’t worry, she go and buy something.”The grandmother answered.

The bus driver started up the engine and we‘re start moving. The son becomes panic. “Where is mama? Mama!!!” He began to cry.

“Mama won’t come.” Grandmother said, hugging her grandson. Crying

The son cried loudly. While his tears flooding his face, I can see Mama was standing at the corner of the station watching sadly to our bus.

Sometimes to gain love, we need to sacrifice love. I think.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to Save a Life

So funny when I   remember that I was desperately wanted this song.

I just caught the chorus of the song when I saw Private Practice commercial at NTV 7 long time ago. Actually I am not Private Practice fan. Since that I was like crazy looking for this song but fail. The worst thing was I didn't know the title, even the lyric or artist only humming of the music.

How can you search song through internet if the only you know is the beat of the music? I asked friends whether they got private practice soundtrack but they gave me wrong song. I downloaded so many songs but still didn’t get what I want. But I got new other nice songs because of that.

Until one day I gave up. I just hope that I can catch the song from the radio or Private Practice commercial but none.

Then last night when I decided to burn some nice songs from my lappy for Ceri (car), my eyes caught the song titled How to Save a life by The Fray. I just wonder how it sounds since I never listen to all the song that I got from my friends.  I decide to try because before this I downloaded You Found Me by The Fray which is quite nice.

I listen to it and I just can't believe this is the song that I searched for so long. I am not sure since when it stay in my lappy, how I got it, where it came from. I just go Oh My God. Maybe I got it from my friend but I never listen to it.

See, it is simple right. Sometimes you think you're losing something that you really wanted. You heartbroken, crying ... then at last you realize it with you for all the time but you never take time to recognize it.Hadei…who sent me this song? I apologize for didn’t realize it.

p/s: I burn it for my Ceri and put it in the first track. He he he

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Projek Nurindah

I quite busy with Projek Nurindah which required me focus in writing and reviewing. I wrote and then take a lot of time to review it. Please spare a little time to read and review it. You can put any comment that you like.