Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Baru balik office.Bersihkan muka depan cermin sambil fikir, nak buat susu ke atau nak continue buat kerja dulu.Elok ja bukak paip... tik..tik________ . Oh, AIR TAK ADA!!

OMG, takkan la kena potong pula.Macam mana ni?!! Adakah perlu saya balik kampung, atau[otak berpusing-pusing cari solution]. Call housemate, just inform her.At least dia boleh think of back up plan.

Ketuk rumah jiran

"Rumah cik ada air tak?"
"Ohh..ya?Rumah saya tak ada air."
"Ohh..rumah depan ni and hujung sana pun tak ada air."

Dipendekkan cerita, unid menadah air dua botol besar dari jiran sebelah.Air pun tak sihat kuning ja.Masa menaip ni , badan melekit tak mandi.

Dalam kepala otak, esok adalah insan yang terpaksa pergi office pagi-pagi buta sebab nak mandi.Baru ada akal, masa ada air tak reti plak rasa nak bersyukur.Membazir jer reti.Perlukah saya tadah air hujan... hujan macam tanak turun pula.

And We have sent the fertilizing winds and sent down water from the sky and given you drink from it. And you are not its retainers.And indeed, it is We who give life and cause death, and We are the Inheritor.

Monday, November 26, 2012

What motivate you?

I came to ask my friend a question

"What motivate you to wake up in the morning?"
"As expected, mata duitan."I teased him.
"How about you?"
Silent pause."Money."I replied with guilty smile.
Yes.I only wake up for Subuh prayer slightly earlier in weekdays because I have to work.During weekend, it quite late.So, indirectly I do wake up earlier because of work which mean because of $$$$.
Certainly will the believers have succeeded:
They who are during their prayer humbly submissive


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Revision on 1433

Peace be upon you.

Time is running, passing in extremely fast.I think everyone notice that how fast it pass compared to previous time.Whatever.

But certainly, I could not stay in one age longer.I recheck back what my to do list in last year 1433.

1)Belajar menjahit atau
Yes.At least I managed to attend sewing class.Quite challenging, I think it more challenge than cooking.Because if I cook, I still managed to eat.But when I sewing, I don't have time to cook and usually end up eating bread.Seriously, I do love sewing and it required me to focus.FOCUS!Another hard thing.
2)Belajar menunggang kuda
I did not manage to get into class last year.Because I already attended sewing class.Now I am surveying..and keep asking my self.Dude, are you sure want to do gangnam style?!!
3)Consistent solat di awal waktu
Umm... not good.Especially Subuh prayer. Try harder this year.
4)Tahajjud sebulan sekali
Also not good.
5)Puasa 3 hari sebulan
Deng... fasting not in Ramadhan is really hard.Because I used to drink a lot during office hour.Try harder this year.
6)Start tanam pokok.
No.I think I am not going to include it in this year.Because gardening not my hobbies but I do love trees.(Hypocrites!!)

So? What is my new year to do list? Ahaks.. I still not managed to compile it yet.

Nota: Ohh.. dont forget zakat ya!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bila Lapar...

Bila lapar, shopping dekat wet market semua sayur, daging rasa nak dibeli.Macam-macam resepi keluar dalam kepala otak.Padahal balik rumah , cari makanan segera gak.Tak sempat nak masak.

Tiba-tiba rasa bersalah pada diri.Dah lapar tu maknanya badan perlu makan makanan berkhasiat, tapi sumbat gak dengan makanan segera which at last rejected by body.

So kalau dah lapar terketar-ketar, pilihan terbaik untuk unid adalah telur.Telur dengan roti... telur dengan spageti... telur rebus..telur goreng dengan kentang bakar.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Needle Clamp Screw

Unid baru jer belajar menjahit.Adalah menjahit langsir and baju kurung sikit-sikit.Tapi benda ni dah loose.

Terkejut cikgu jahit tengok.Patutnya menda ni takde la mudah loose, mesin jahit baru lagi pulak tu.

Nasib baik benda ni boleh dibeli kat kedai jahit.Tatau la nama apa benda ni, pemegang jarum kut.Dalam english nama dia Needle Clamp Screw.

Unid refer kat sini.Boleh kenal part-part mesin jahit.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome back Unid

Peace be upon you!

Wow... First time I come here and writing something after more than 2 months.

Inikah jarak yang paling lama ? Rindunya nak merapu sorang-sorang kat sini.

It's been tough for me lately.A lot of thing being rough to me.Sometimes it under control sometimes it out of control.Sometimes we meet crazy peoples and sometimes we're the one who crazy.It's normal and it will become  a memory no matter how tough it be.

I, myself could not believe that my time in this world is quite long.Time run so fast.The nature of this world is greediness.How long we live here, it never been enough.Time always not enough.

We're chasing for many things, get a lot of thing and keep chasing.Rushing here and there.There no time to sit and still.Even 'sit and still 'also is something that we want to chase for.

I look people around me.They are much more younger, much more energetic and have achieve great things.I impressed, not many young people aware that youth is irreplaceable.

Sometimes I think that it's maybe too late for me, to do something big.But then, I also see a lot of older people still striving and not giving up.Does not matter young or old, I still have time, didn't I?

One breath ... it really worthy for a person who dying.For us, who still doing more than breathing should be thankful.

By time,Indeed, mankind is in loss,Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.(Alquran : Al Asr)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I want to talk about my toothbrush.

Since I am wearing braces, I cannot simply pick up any toothbrush.I had  been longing for ortho toothbrush which is very rare to find.

The doctor advised me to use extra soft toothbrush.I am using Systema comfort but still looking for ortho specific toothbrush, which at last I found it at Jusco Pharmacy.

I became too greedy because only two left at that time, so I bought all.I knew I should try one first, but thinking how hard to find ortho toothbrush I just close my eyes and pay.

Guess what?The ortho toothbrush that I thought should be soft and and suitable turned me down.It super rough.When I was brushing my teeth, I just keep telling myself that it was good but I think my teeth decided NO.

May be other brand is different experience, but the brand that I bought is very famous one.

After experimenting quite various of toothbrush, I ended with Systema Comfort.I think it small enough and soft enough but always slip from my hand.Yeah..imagine that it slip from your finger and hit your gum..ouch.Maybe I should blame my hand.:)

I am using two toothbrushes, one is Systema Comfort and another is interdental brush from Oral B.Usually I brush with Systema first then followed by Interdental brush.

Oral-B Interdental Brush

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blood type B+

Hari ini dengan rasminya Unid tahu jenis darah unid.Wohoo..hidup di dunia dah lama pun still tatau blood type.Isk isk..

Selama ini mati-mati unid ingatkan unid AB.Siap beli buku Juice for AB blood type lagi, perasan.
Sekali darah B+.Terus research tentang darah B+ ni.

Blood Type B
People with blood type B tend to be curious and interested in everything. They also lean to have many hobbies. If they are interested in something, they will be buoyant, but unfortunately they will be bored fast. However, they can choose the most important thing for them to do.
They lean to want to be number one in anything rather than just to be average people. But, they usually ignore another activity if they have focused on a certain activity. In other words, they cannot do some activities at the same time.
They look cheerful, enthusiastic, and bright. But, they are actually not like their appearances. Indeed, they are antisocial with many people. They are rugged individualists who are straightforward and like to do things their own way. Unluckily, their insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.

Article Source:

Kenapa macam betul jer statement kat atas.Minat dah la banyak, boleh berubah-rubah pulak.Takleh multitasking(bunyi cam notebook unid yang lembap ni).Antisocial...humm tak suka tempat ramai2 macam kenduri ke, jom heboh ke, konsert ke.Hari tu pergi Georgetown Festival pun terus rasa penat sebab tengok orang..wahaa.Tapi unid pergi jer, kenala mengatasi perasaan tak suka ni.

Ya..Too independent sometimes lead to selfishness.Adakah sebab itu unid suka mengamuk-ngamuk tak tentu fasal?Ohoo..

Meh kita tengok makanan plak.Alamak unid takleh makan AYAM??!Selama ni itu la antara makanan ruji.Patutlah unid makan tak gemuk-gemuk kut.Tomato yang unid suka pun takleh?Udang pun?Rasa cam nak nangis jer ni.

Characteristics of Type B - Best on Balanced Omnivores Diet

CommentsMost BeneficialFood allowedFood not allowed
Meat and PoultryThese meats contains a Type B blood agglutinating lectin.

Chicken, Cornish hens, Duck, Goose, Patridge, Quail, Pork
These meats help to boost the immune systemlamb, mutton, Venison, Rabbit

Give up chicken, but use these meats instead
Beef, Pheasant, Turkey, Veal
SeafoodDeep-ocean fish and white fish are great for Type BsCod, Salmon, Flounder, Halibut, Sole, TroutAll kinds except those listed as not allowed
These seafood are poorly digested by Type Bs. They are disruptive to the Type B system.

All Shellfish (crab, shrimp, lobster, mussels, oysters, crayfish, clam, etc), Anchovy, Barracuda, Beluga, Eel, Frog, Lox, Octopus, Sea bass, Snail, Striped bass, Turtle, yellowtail
DairyType B is the only blood type that can fully enjoy a variety of dairy foods. That's because the primary sugar in the Type B antigen is D-galactosamine, the very same sugar present in milk.Cottage cheese, Farmer, Feta, Goat cheese and milk, Kefir, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Milk, YogurtAll kinds except those listed as not allowedAmerican cheese, Blue cheese, Ice cream, string cheese
FatsThe oils not allowed contain lectins that are damaging to the Type B digestive tract.Olive
Canola, Corn, Cottonseed, Peanut, Safflower, Sesame, Sunflower
NutsMost nuts and seeds are not advisable for Type Bs. They contain lectins that interfere with Type B insulin production
All kinds except those listed as not allowedCashews, Filberts, Pine, Pistachio, Peanuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds
BeansThese beans interfere with the production of insulin for Type Bs.

Lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, Beans (pintos, aduke, Azuki, Black)
GrainsWheat reduce insulin efficiency and failure to stimulate fat "burning" in Type Bs

Wheat (bran, germ bulgur, durum, whole and white), Shredded wheat, Cream of wheat or any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products
Rye contain a lectin that settles in the vascular system causing blood disorders and potentially strokes.

Rye and any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products
These contribute to a sluggish metabolism, insulin irregulariry, fluid retention and fatigue.

Buckwheat, Corn (cornflakes, cornmeal) and any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products

Millet, Oatmeal (Bran, flour), Puffed Rice, Rice (bran, flour), SpeltAll kinds except those listed as not allowedAmaranth, Barley, Kasha, Seven-grain, Wild rice, Couscous
Bread (Brown rice, Essence, Ezekiel, WASA), Fin Crisp, Millet, Rice cakesAll kinds except those listed as not allowedBagels, Muffins (Corn and Bran), Bread (Multi-grain Rye, Whole wheat), Soba Nooldes, Wild Rice, Couscous
VegetablesThis vegetable contain a lectins that irritage the stomach lining of Type Bs.

This vegetable has insulin- and metabolism-upsetting lectins for Type Bs

The mold in this can trigger allergic reactions

These vegetables contain magnesium, an important antiviral agent to help Type Bs fight off viruses and autoimmune diseasesGreen leafy vegetablesAll kinds except those listed as not allowedArtichoke, Avocado, Corn, Olives, Pumpkin, Radishes, Sprouts, Tempeh, Tofu, Tomato
FruitsPineappple has enzymes that help Type Bs to digest their food more easily.Pineapples

Avoid these fruits for they interfere with your digestive system

Coconuts, Persimmons, Pomegranates, Prickly pear, Rhubarb, Starfruit

Bananas, Cranberries, Grapes, Papaya, PlumsAll kinds except those listed as not allowed 
SpicesSweet herbs tend to be stomach irritants to the Type Bs

Barley malt sweeteners, corn syrup, Cornstarch, Cinnamon
Type B do best with warming herbsGinger, horseradish, curry, cayenne pepperAll kinds except those listed as not allowed
Avoid these spices also

Allspice, Almond extract, Gelatin, Pepper (black and white)

BeveragesGenerally Type Bs don't reap overwhelming benefits from most herbal teas.Ginger, Peppermint, Raspberry leaf, Rose hips, Sage, Green Teas
Aloe, Coltsfoot, Corn silk, Fenugreek, Gentian, Goldenseal, Hops, Linden, Mullein, Red clover, Rhubarb, Senna, Shepherd's purse, Skullcap
This is highly recommended for Type Bs because it seems to have a positive effect on the nervous system.Ginseng

This has antiviral properties.Licorice
Distilled liquor, Seltzer water, Soda

Saturday, June 23, 2012


08 June 2012

Dah hampir 7 bulan unid pakai braces.Archwire dah tuka 2 kali.Kali kedua tu rasa best jer.Sebab tak sakit, takda rasa gatal-gatal gusi, gusi berdarah atau sewaktu dengannya.So maknanya, gigi tak bergerak, kalau bergerak pun sikit jer kut.

Oleh sebab tak sakit, maka jaranglah unid pergi klinik.Okay-okay ..08 June 2012 Jumaat lepas unid pi.Doktor check-check kemudian dia komen, 'Cepatlah gigi you gerak.Kalau gini tak sampai 2 tahun dah boleh buka'.

Maka doktor pun request untuk tukar archwire.Kali ini archwire yang lagi keras.Wah..lepas tukar archwire ni terus rasa sakit.Masa tukar archwire yang kedua tak rasa sakit pun, tapi yang ketiga ni macam pakai yang first, cuma bibir rasa tak seksi jer. :* . Maka esoknya, majlis pertunangan adik disambut dengan penuh kecewa dek kerana menahan air liur dan perut.Makanan best-best and manis-manis pulak tu.

Ok dah.Meh kita baca tentang archwire tu.Pemakaian braces semua melibatkan 4 Fasa.So Unid baru masuk second phase.

Ok dah.Meh kita tengok apa benda archwire tu.

The initial phase starts tooth movement, rotation control, leveling, aligning, arch form, and prepares for the second phase of archwire sequencing

Kiranya phase 1 ni untuk warming up.So takdela mengganas sangat(tapi sakit gak memula tu), ye la kalau ganas-ganas sangat kang terus tercabut semua gigi.Tak fasal kena tukar pakai gigi palsu pulak.

Dalam phase 1 ni, ada dua archwire.Seperti di bawah.Kiranya lebih kurang 4 months pakai .014 archwire , then after that pakai .016 around 3 months.

.014 Damon Copper Ni-Ti  >>Start tooth movement, leveling, begin arch form development, prepare for next archwire.[Unid dah lepas]
.016 Ni-Ti SE >> Used occasionally as second archwire in severely crowded adu

The second, or high-tech edgewise phase, is the “heart and soul” of the Damon System. This phase starts working on torque, root angulations and levels, completes rotation control, continues arch form development, consolidates space in the anterior segments, and prepares for the third phase of archwire sequencing. It is critically important to take a panorex and evaluate root and bracket position before proceeding to the major mechanics phase of treatment

Okay , sekarang unid baru masuk Phase 2.Cuba baca tu... wah kerja kuda.Maknanya Phase 2 ni dia akan mengganas la kut.Untuk menghabiskan Phase 2 , Unid kena pakai lagi 3 archwire lagi.Wah tak sabar nak tunggu doktor tukar.

.014 x .025 Damon Copper Ni-Ti. >> The workhorse of the second phase. Placed in upper and lower well-prepared arches.[Sekarang in progress]

018 x .025 Damon Copper Ni-Ti >> Excellent wire to prepare for insertion of the working stainless steel transition wire.

017 x .025 Damon Ni-Ti >>Used with 20° of anterior torque and reverse curve; superb for division 2 second wire. If only intrusion needed, use the same size wire without the torque in the anterior.

.019 x .025 Damon Ni-Ti >>Used with 20° of anterior torque and reverse curve. Great follow-up wire on challenging division II cases. If only intrusion needed, use the same size wire without the torque in the anterior.

Nota:Tak larat nak baca semua phase, kalau nak tau sila ke

Kat bawah ni gambar archwire yang unid ambil.Haish..orang nak pasang archwire, unid pula sibuk ambik gambar.

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Friday, June 22, 2012


Hahah.. lamanya tak upload gambar makanan.Suka mengenang kembali apa yang dimasak dan selamat ditelan dan selamat dikuburkan.

Breakfast... wah cam lengkap jer

Tu bukan mee ye..tapi spageti pasta yang disupkan.Unid tak beli mee basah sebab tak tahan lama untuk dibuat stok

Spageti Udang

Masak ala mee kari

Beli chicken steak lepas tu kapitkan dengan roti.Letak cheese.. wallah.Terbaek~
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Projek : Curtain

Okey saya cuma ada masa dari Selasa hingga Sabtu pagi untuk menyiapkan curtain.Total semua 7 tapi sebab curtain kat dapur and bilik abah tu dikonsiderkan tak penting sebab kesuntukan masa maka saya harus menyiapkan lima curtain.

Tiga di ruang tamu, dua lagi di bilik.Curtain kat ruang tamu kaler krim corak bunga-bunga merah.Yang dalam bilik kaler hijau plus gold.

Mau lebam jugak dibuatnya sebab Selasa sampai Jumaat kan kerja.So cuma ada masa waktu malam sahaja.Dan waktu malam pun tak berapa panjang disebabkan balik kerja pun lambat.Hari Rabu bangun pagi cam demam... terus terpaksa ambik half day.

At last siap juga... lepas majlis settle baru sedar lebam biru kat betis.Tah berlanggar apa tah.Hari isnin kerja tapi rasa badan dah demam.Penat...orang lain yang bertunang , unid pula yang demam :P. Apa pun ... give thanks to Allah.Alhamdulillah~

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Projek :Baju kurung

Beli kain ni harganya ...RM25.90 4 meter.Kualiti kain out, sebab berbulu bulu.

Baju siap cuma spoil dekat leher dek last minute kena tukar pakai lis disebabkan masalah teknikal[mesin jahit tu tah apa angin dia, cantik jer benang atas tapi benang bawah buruk]Dah tu unid tak perasan, terus tebuk, sekali tak melekat...Ahaks kain dah berbulu, dah susah nak ditetas atau dijahit balik.So pakai lis...end up leher luas dowh.

Kain pun cam ada spoil sikit sebab getah tu amik ngam -ngam ikut pinggan.Sudahnya longgar sikit.

Memang banyak dugaan, banyak tetas dan jahit, termasuk lah  tak familiar dengan mesin jahit.Pastu rajin pulak jahit lis kat baju.

Dah siap tak sempat basuh... terus resmi.Terus canang kat semua orang baju jahit sendiri.Bangga siut walaupun menggeleber sana sini.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Budaya yang biasa...

Contoh 1
Luar biasa jika anak perempuan tidak diajar memasak, bangun awal, mengemas rumah, malah berkebun.

Biasa jika anak lelaki tak tahu buat kerja rumah, jangan kata kerja perempuan kerja lelaki seperti membersihkan laman rumah kalau anak lelaki tak nak buat pun tak jadi kontroversi.Malah biasa untuk anak perempuan disuruh sediakan semua untuk anak lelaki,walhal anak lelaki bangun ...nonton tv, main bola.

Bila ditanya..'Biasalah lelaki..'.Kalau perempuan sudah jadi umpatan dowh.

Contoh 2
Biasa jika ibu bekerja, dengan duit kerja tu lah banyak keperluan rumah di support.Balik kerja, memasak , mengemas... jarang ibu bekerja skip kerja rumah.

Luar biasa ada bapa yang rajin memasak , membasuh dan mengemas.Kalau ditanya kenapa...'Lohh..itukan tanggung jawab perempuan'.

Contoh 3
Pong pang pong pang label perempuan yang tak menutup aurat murahan.Tapi jika ada isteri bertudung litup, perempuan seksi masih dijeling.Jika ditanya..dijawab 'Rezeki...'

Malam-malam pula surfing porno, fikir-fikirkanlah.

Contoh 4
Kalau lelaki merokok...walaupun rokok itu haram.Itu biasa.Cuba kalau perempuan merokok, mintak simpang dijadikan isteri, doanya

Contoh 5
Kahwin 4 itu sunnah yang digembar gemburkan.Tapi bila disuruh adil bising.Silap haribulan isteri dimaki hamun.Solat...puasa ... tepuk dada tanyalah iman.

Contoh 6
Jika perempuan buat list... untuk calon idaman dikatakan cerewet.

Kalau list lelaki... cuba lah check facebook ke memana mesti banyak ciri-ciri perempuan solehan lagi banyak dihebahkan daripada ciri-ciri suami yang dihebahkan.

Contoh 7
Bila nak masuk meminang anak orang... marah sebab apalah perempuan nyusahkan nak hantaran tinggi.

Tapi bila anak sendiri dipinang... pandai pulak buat alasan untuk mintak hantaran tinggi-tinggi.Sudah jadi bapa, bukankah anda sudah ada kuasa untuk mansuhkan hantaran?Kebanyakan hantaran tidak diputuskan oleh si anak, tetapi ibu bapa.[Adakah anak pompuan state dia nak hantaran berapa berapa?Tak nah jumpa lagi la takat ni.]

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands~

Cold ... Beautiful ...Flower ... Strawberries..Tea...Cactus

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