Monday, September 24, 2007

I am happy I am Malaysian

I took this from Badaunt blog this morning.I was born in Malaysia, I wish I could be a Japanese because I loves their anime very much and the scenery.I wish I can travel to the whole world because sometimes I got bored with my own country.But after I read this comment, I think my Malaysia is not bad.I am happy to be Malaysian.Maybe as a country, it's not perfect but nobody perfect.But it is beautiful because it is just like that.Just like that.

"Anon: I think we're getting old and lazy. We keep talking about going
elsewhere, but we've both been to Thailand, neither of us like Korean
food (my body doesn't tolerate garlic well), what I've heard about
Taiwan doesn't really appeal, and Kamchatka ... never occurred to us.
(We did think of Vladivostok once, but flights were ridiculously
expensive.) The Man wants to go back to north India at some point, but
we usually end up in Malaysia because it's so easy and so much fun.

else can you sit eating Indian food surrounded by people of three
different ethnicities speaking three (or more) languages and that's
normal? Where else can you feel like you're in Hong Kong one moment,
India the next, and some high-tech first world country the next? Where
else is the food so damned good (and cheap) and varied? Where else can
you go to a beach resort and the local tourists outnumber the foreign
tourists ten to one? (One of the things I found uncomfortable about
Thailand was the lack of local tourists.) Where else can you feel so
much NOT like a tourist? You're just another of the many different
ethnicities/nationalities/languages/colours/religions (or lack of) that
make up the glorious mess of a place. After all these years in Japan I
know I will never feel like that here. I will always be a gaijin
outsider, and not quite human.

In Malaysia I am human."

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Nothing to Eat?

It’s fasting month again. I miss it so much because it was full of memories. When I remember, it feels like a dream.

I remembered that our family was so poor at that time. I just came back from university to celebrate Aidil Fitri.My sister made drink to break the fast. I just wondering what was white drink with not bad flavor. I used to drink it quite few times while breaking fast. I asked my younger her sister, but she just smiled and said,” Special cordial that only you can find it in this house”.

Until I saw she made it and I repeated the same question.”Could not you see? It is only plain water mixed with sugar”. We didn’t even have money to buy cordial or flavor at that time. Then when I was drinking, I felt so sad because we were so poor.

Our house once ruined during fasting month, close to Aidil Fitri.I still remembered my mother shaking and shivering and the youngest sister crying. But we still acted like nothing happens. And my house still like that, ugly, right now I am saving money as much as I can so one day we will happy to celebrate fast month in a good house at least.

Then when Syawal comes, we have experienced to celebrate it with Serunding Ikan Bilis (Anchovies dish).Only that we could afford. My mom as a mother could not hide her sadness when she only could serve basic food on first Syawal. We never yearning for new clothes, but if we did, it was only for the younger member in the family. Until now, I need to make my mom to promise that she will make new clothes as I give a few bucks to her. I don’t want to wear new clothes if there any other member does not have one. So for this Aidil Fitri I want all my family to be happy and I want to surprise them with a new car.

Right now, once again Ramadhan comes and all those memories roaming around. Of course right now, the food is much better. But when I want to eat, I wondering what my family has. I hope they will have food as good as I am. Our life is much better that before. I have to be thankful.

I feel grateful to Allah because He creates such an amazing month so we can improve ourselves at least one month in a year. If we follow all the rules, we will get a healthy body and good attitude just after one month. So we should be good as we can.

p/s: Haha..Happy Fasting

Friday, September 7, 2007

Oh Baby,It's Wild World...

I am not in really good mood. My mood seems in heavy atmosphere even I tried to get it over. This morning, when my colleague greets me, I just “Hummm…”I don’t know how to describe why but maybe I can write and post it so the whole world can read about my stupidity.

Long, long time ago…not very long, maybe last week, I met this little kitten with golden color. Look like a little lion. He (I am not sure the exact gender, so I just assume it) was lying next to car tyre. With a cute little body compared to that black tyre, with the eyes that shining and sparkling, he looks so tiny and cute. He stared at me like he was smiling.”Hey little cutie, you gonna die sooner if you lay like that under the car “I said as picked him up and put him away from the car, without realized that he stole my heart.

Then I gave him soft cat food for kitten and as his mother joining, I gave more cat food. I hope that I will see them again.

Tuesday 5 September 200
As usual I walking to my office, if I found cat I will feed them. Certain of them already recognized me; they won’t run away but run after me for the food. I am so happy. After bought bihun at my favorite stall, I continued my walk. Usually I won’t find any cat because it was close to office. But that day was different when I saw mother with two kittens playing happily under orange Kancil .They really looks like lion with the golden color. It is dangerous, because there a lot of cars and the cats running around the parking area plus it is busy road. If the driver straight away moves the car without check out the kitten, then Die or Suffer.

I put the cat food, on the pedestrian while they were staring me. I wonder what they were thinking,” Crazy girl!” or something like that. But I am happy anyway; I put more cat food as I concerned the mother need to eat more because breastfeeding required a lot of energy rite?!

I reached office earlier and continued my work happily. At evening, I walking back to home using the same path I saw the cat family still under the same orange Kancil. This time, the mother were breastfeeding her kids. Huhu, could be the mother decided to make the car as their house, which is probably dangerous. But animal instinct usually like that, they stay where they feel comfortable.

May be I could put a poster “Please checkout under your vehicle before you move! There are cute little kittens. Don’t kill them or something like that” Huh, it sounds horrible. I just went back home after giving dinner for them.

Wednesday 6 September 2007
I did not see them. Quite disappointing, I wish I could see those shining and sparkling eyes again. Hope them safe and happy wherever they are.

Thursday 7 September 2007

Which is today. I was walking this morning as I always do. Then I met the mother, she seem sad and unhappy. I want to give her food but she just go away while people were walking around. I could not give her because I feel shame if other people see me .See..I won’t give them food in crowd. In other word, I am coward, stupid or I can use “Malu tak bertempat”.I could just let any cats hungry just because I want to take care of my dignity. If I am kind, I will give them food without concern about other people thinking. So I just left it just like stupid girl.

Then my eyes catch an object, little with golden color on the road. Rat ?!Because usually there rat corpse but this one was not rat it was a little kitten with golden color that I used to see before. Oh my God! It is all my fault. If I managed to create poster and alert the vehicle owner earlier, this would not happen.

So this is what I am today. Moody girl because of her own stupidity. My friend brings me to survey a car and I already booked one. I think I can get over it, but one of my friends told me that she saw other kitten corpse in the Rubbish Bin. Holy SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…the mother will get GILA MEROYAN if all of her kitten death.

Conclusion: Two Kittens Death and Other strays will follow the same Path.
NOW: My Tears are Nothing!!!Absolutely could not return their life. I am real example of stupid girl.