Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i cannot kill them? why? why i can't kill them by myself?

because u don't have power

so,if i have problem with them, i need to request u to kill them for me?


so everytime i got problem with them i need to ask u to kill them?

yes.no worries. i can kill them for u no matter how many time u request

***still waiting someone to do dirty job for me is the 'most unwanted' thing in this world. i hate to wait. what i want to do, just kill them whenever i feel distracted.

p/s: i m not talking about mafia stuff... i am talking about database stuff.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Unid bz giler lately. Even I took day off for Visa processing in KL, once I return back to Penang, I went straight to office from airport and work until 4.00 am.
My nature is I won't feel tired until I stop working then I can feel something wrong with my body.

I went back to my rent house and get some sleep maybe about four hours, then woke up, get ala kadar bath and driving back to my hometown.

At that time, I started to feel very week. I knew I should not working too hard but I could not help it, especially if u got someone pushing u.and i dont like it.

Once I arrived at my home, I took pillow and sleep.Sleep...sleep.My mom ask ,'Dah makan dah ke?"

"Belum." I answered in my dream.

I sleep..sleep until late noon and my mom start to nag."Bangun sayang.Makan kalau tak nanti muma nanti."

And she keep mentioning ."Muma..muma."

I never heard of it before.I thought maybe it something to do with "loya". Yes , I did feel want to throwing out.

At last, I eat. I asked her," Muma tu apa?"

"Muma tu maksudnya atas lagi dari lapar. Mula-mula kita akan rasa lapar...lepas tuh kita akan tahan-tahan sampai rasa lapar tuh hilang.Pastu kita dah takleh makan dah even kita tak makan.Itula maksudnya muma.Sama maksud dengan kebuluran.Selalunya orang yang dah nak mati tu akan muma."

"Muha ni kalau mak takda tatau la.Kalau kerja tu makan bukannya nak ingat.Kalau lah emak duduk sekali boleh la emak bertempik suruh makan."

And she start to pot pet pot pet again.