Sunday, February 28, 2010


come and go
happy and sad
bitter and sweet
love and hate
life and death
it's the fact that we always deny

Saturday, February 27, 2010

u n i

i m a woman that maybe bump into u but u never notice,
maybe have same favorite like u but we never realize,
maybe have same problem like u but we never share,
maybe have same life like u but we think it different,
therefore i am just average human as others ...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Polar Bear

I felt very left out either intentionally or not, I still feel sad. I still wanted to cry and yes I did.
Stupid. Even I am aging, I still feel like a new born. Like a little tree, trying to reach the sun in the huge jungle.
If I have choice, I want to fly to Antarctica and meet a Polar bear.

Monday, February 8, 2010


this story maybe relatedto PMS .

aku mencari- cari ubat untuk gemuk kat majalah sambil emak sedang memasak.

"emak, kalau along makan ubat gemuk tak per tak?"

emak diam. dia malas nak layan. dah satu hari anak dara dia asyik complaint pasal kedut la, size badan la, jerawat la dan pelbagai lagi la masalah besarnya. dia dah penat nak layan rasanya.

"emak?" aku dah separuh merengek. mentang-mentangla aku seorang je kat rumah, jadi anak tunggal.tu yang adik aku bising kutuk aku ni mengada-ngada.lantakla.

"ikut along la." emak malas menjawab.

"emak ni... along nak juga tanya pendapat.kalau ikut-ikutla baik tak payah tanya." memang aku mengada-ngada.emak ni asyik dari tadi ikut jer.aku beli terus kang baru tau.

emak diam. cuma radio yang bercerita pasal ubat kurus je kedengaran.lama dia menjawab.

"along ni kenapa? mak tengok bukannya kurus sangat.nak jadi gemuk senang sayang oii...nak jadi kurus susah.cuba dengar dalam radio tu. kang kalau along makan ubat gemuk tuh jadi gemuk macam emak ni baru tau, dah macam tong. nak ke? emak ni kalau lambat makan sikit dah terketar-ketar, sebab tu yang tak boleh jadi kurus. asyik nak makan jer.nak ke?"

aku diam. ambik kau.


Years by years ..i notice one thing. whenever i out of control, out of confident , out of nowhere. i will cry badly at nite and tomorrow i will wake up with panda eye.. then i found out i m period. is it normal? or i got some jiwa-jiwa disease.

so almost every month i will have this emo-disease. the symptoms are so bad .i don't even think it was PMS until i get red mood flag . seriously i m tired to be emo. i want to be happy but seriously my hormone sometimes always become haywire.

i m not mad to other people but i always feel down. hating myself and etc. then i will ask to myself why? why? i feel i m the ugliest, the worst and all the negatives feeling come even i tried to chase them away. is it only me facing that?

i just wondering whether my mom notice or not, my friends notice or not? or they will assume i am a kind of emo - girl as i?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time Out

Loading .... loading time out.
Waiting... waiting ... bye bye .

Bored at front of pc :P

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I knew my life is not sweet, same with other peoples craving ,wishing for the better life.

That's the fact, we never get whatever we wanted, though we did sooner we will realize that was not what we wanted.

See? Life is like that. Maybe because we always wanted for the better, we too afraid to accept the fact.

We always assume people loves us when they mad to us, but what if they truly hate us.
We always think our friends will be last forever, be there for us but we forget to think to the vice versa.

We are hoping for something too good, try to be positive until we realize we're hoping for dream that impossible to be true. We will be heart broken then.

Maybe we should learn to accept our life as it is.

My life is not perfect, that's why it is perfect. I want to live in Passion, Acceptance, and Strength.I never know when it will end but I already knew the beginning.