Friday, October 29, 2010


People ... they confess that they are lovely creatures. But they like to fight. Why ?
Because we are different, they said.

Yes, they fight because they are different. But will they unite if they are similar?

Think. First , people will fight because they think the different is the reason.Then after  they  become similar, do they stay in peace ? As far as  I can see, the answer is no. Once they become similar, they will try to find the different and the fighting will never end.

Are we grown up enough?Why we happily spread the hatred? Why we happily spread the reason to hate something?Nowday, with the internet, we can see many people happily spread the anger,hatred.Other people fight, and we become like petrol, spread the fire. You should hate A because A is different from B and I am from B.The worst case is, we don't even know much about A and B, we might know them through blog, media which is the truth can be manipulated.Yes, maybe it's true but is that worth to hating because of this.
Humm... it's like our brain cannot analyze properly rite?If A and B fight, let's join the fight. Good, the world will end sooner.So anyone happy with that?

Usually the fighting happen because we don't understand the different, we just make assumption.
We should study and gain understanding not because we want to be in either A side and B side, but study how make us stay peaceful in diversity. If  we cannot stand the diversity, we will not be happy with similarity.Because , we are born to be different at the first place.We should study the different and use our knowledge to respect other people. That is the world that we should live. We are different and we learn and respect each other well.
O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. - The Rooms (49:13)
When A and B fight, maybe we can ask them to drink together and think.Remember, our task is to remind not to judge.Give the judgement job to the God.

p/s:tired seeing people hate each other.if their  race is different they will fight because of the race, if the race is same, they will fight within their human we cannot stand with other people mistake yet we ignore our own mistake. jaga tepi kain orang, kain sendiri koyak rabak.aduh mana jarum dengan benang ni?

Being boss?

If someone ask me, do you want to be a boss?

NO!! I don't want to be and I am not capable to be especially in IT part. The thing is I don't how to deal with peoples. I like peoples, but to get them into the job is really not my expertise.Usually instead of ordering, I will do the job by myself and end up stress.

So, if someone ask me , do you like to be ordered by someone.
I will say no. But I love to HELP people in condition ;
1- The person should know how to appreciate us.They should aware that we are working hard for the task given.Yes , I do work hard.But if someone underestimate me, I will feel insulted.
2- Stop being bossy. 

But most of the time, we don't have choice.Just do our best in order to get it done, maybe not for boss but for the  organisation and maybe for ourselves

Someone come to me, the person not my boss, come from no where and ordering something that I also not sure.

"I don't know.Sorry, I am not helpful enough." 

"Okay. I will be your boss anyway."

Life is suck. :P

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have face book. My id not represent my name...yet I hate anonymous

As far as we can

It was getting dark , around 7 pm plus. I stuck in my car with other cars as traffic light turn to red.
The ambulance behind us, maybe between two or three cars behind me. I can see it, I can hear the siren but  it could not move as it stuck with the road that fully occupied.

I was wondering where to move, at my left really little space next to divider and at my right with other cars.Slowly , the car at front of me trying to move to the left, trying hard to give the space.So with other cars, the left try  their best go to left, the right try their best go to the right.So do I.

At last, we made a little space in between, that can fit the poor ambulance. The ambulance passed, and I prayed for the safety of the ambulance.Hope it can accomplish it's mission- saving people. I believe other drivers do the same.

It was dark, but it was beautiful night that I ever see.