Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good to be Home

Konnichiwa!Hishashiburi nehhhh.Long time no see but I must confess that I miss blogging.
Miss when the keyboard typing all my feeling when I want to.

FYI, I 've been working at new place almost two months, and during that time
I didn't have chance to blog anything.I learn a lot of new thing here and I am super duper happy about it.
Quite regret cause I didn't realize it earlier in the past, I wasted my time studying and misunderstanding.Weird, because
I am obselete programmer( Sob..sob)

I am happy because I get my quality time with my family (not sure the right term) because I always fight with me youngest sister NeNe, five days working hard and next two days playing around.It's better than have all day working day but the production level is consistent low.I think my production level is always high for five day, maybe Monday I got a little bit down.Still no cure for Monday Blues.

Right now ,I completed the coding part, only left documentation part.Actually I almost done a few diagrams until I realize that the community edition tool that I've been used giving me 'ugly-cop' on my diagrams after I successfully exported it into image file.So I need to find the right tool and start all over again.

But working here change my perspective, maybe because it's new place so I want to start a new life.It's good to have positive
thinking so a day become brighter.I also get my passion back in working after I lost it , maybe because everyday I wondering what the new thing I that I can learn.

My pc crash, I hope I will get a lot a lot of money so I can buy new one.I don't want to write blog at office actually.I want to write during my leisure time , while my brain wondering freely but no pc at home.So sad.

Ohh..ya good thing I finally found Guardian at SP.That's mean I don't have to change my skincare product and listen to the sales girl torture.I really hate when they 're bugging me while I don't even have mood to buy anything.I am normal girl, just like spending my time reading label on those product rather than buy it.Of cource the second activity is quite expensive.But Guardian and Watson give me freedom.So why I need to buy all thing that sales girl ask me, let me read the label first.

And another good thing, no traffic jam.Huhu but it's quite scary when I need to stayback late at office.The road become so silent , many flying creatures and death things on the road.Last time I saw buffalo.A lot of accident happens because all peoples are Formula-One-Driver wanna be.My Ceri need to work harder.

I think that's all.Sorry for grammar error,logic error in this entry.I don't have pc to concentrate on it.I just want to update to all of you that right now I am working at my hometown.Away from happening KL. I still miss my friends there, hope they will always pray for me and always be happy.

^(*6*)^ ~~Happy Always !!!