Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here it's Back Again

30 September 2006

Today Saturday. I am working on Saturday. Luckily no network problem.
So I can listen to the internet radio, surfing internet, and do whatever I want. I want to do deployment but I think better do it on next Monday where all staff available.
I check for OR, if anything need to be done. Thanks God, no OR. Perhaps it will be like that forever (Means that our system running properly and the big boss will be happy ).
But I do not want to talk about office today, since there’s no much work to do.
Let’s talk about fasting month, Ramadhan. It’s been a week if I ‘m not mistaken, unfortunately I couldn’t feel it because I ‘period’.Too sad. But I am happy anyway to the happening in Ramadhan.

Ramadhan suppose to school for Muslim. Why? We got 11 months, to eat so our body and soul at least need to be trained at least for 1 month. Fasting is not only applied to food, which most of Muslim including sometimes forget about it. It is not about ‘cannot eat’ but also ‘cannot do something bad’ or in another word control our emotion.If the person practice fasting by following it’s rule correctly, he/she will become a better person. Back to nature, pure and clean.

It’s easy to us for not to eat, because most of us, adult especially does not bother much about food. Most of adult do not have fixed schedule for meal because we are busy to work. Sometimes we eat, sometimes not. So I think, fasting that only resist ourselves from eating is not very challenging.

But the most challenging part is our behaviour and soul. Can we resist from being angry easily? Can we resist from talking about other people? Can we stop thinking about doing evil? If we fail in this challenge, how can we improve ourselves in other months?

Maybe certain people think that, why only in Ramadhan we need to be good?I think the question is Can we be good in every months every days? Sometimes it’s very difficult right? So why not we use Ramadhan as our training month.

P/S: When I am thinking about myself,Ramadhan and other months does not give any differences.Which mean I am the one who is looserr??Fail to take advantage from this month.Perhaps I will improve it now.