About Her

When she was young she always hide under the bed...reading.
When she was in primary school, she sketched a comic story about adventure of twin - Hana and Hani in her exercise book and sold to a friend with price RM0.20.
She wrote a lot of short stories during her teen, let her friends read but she never listen to her teacher to publish her writing officially.
She didn't see how much talented she is.
It took quite some time for her to stand up
 and now she won't wait any more.
She learn and never stop learning.
She treasure her life and live each day.
She loves travel and always found herself wonder in nature.
She loves ocean and dolphin.
She loves to write and make it online for you to read.

unid's Adventure is her personal blog - she share with you her daily life.
Namaku Nurindah - she share with you her perspective of life.
shelovestocode - she is Salesforce developer with Java background , she share with you her daily job.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in your own journey.
"Go and create your story!"


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