Saturday, May 22, 2010

just be on time

Yes... i love to take care my skin. i really concern on wrinkles, pimples and unnecessary stuff that came out from my face, my body .

but bear in mind. i m not beautiful and i won't listed in any beauty contest. but i just love to take care of my skin..that's all.

for me person who said, ahhh... they don't like to use skin care, usually hypocrite. why ? huhuhu... i bet, they will concern about it silently, but they won't tell anyone. ha ha ha.

sometimes they just want other people to assume that they're pretty just because they're pretty not because they care it so much. really? some people yes, they do born with beautiful skin but some not.

i used hear , "Alaahhh... i don't use any product, but my skin is ok." And usually they are younger than me. Yes, I admitted , I start take care of my skin after I entered university. Before that, I use soap, like Protex sometimes nothing at all. But that time I was really poor no budget at all, you can't take care your skin if you don't even have money to eat rite?Young people , yes they got perfect skin, i also had. :P so nothing to brag about cause I also used to be young before.

But now, i really take serious care on my skin. i don't want to be people who complaining about their skin but they did nothing at all. hey, come on- even Barbie doll need to be polished.

but skin care is really required handwork , not only physical but emotional also. and i am trying my best to take care of emotional , yup like managing stress.

where are human and we are aging, if we cannot be younger , just be on time, not older . :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

it swing again

it swing again. itu yang membezakan saya dengan mesin 4 segi kat depan ni.mood saya tak menentu, dan of course la dia akan mengganggu konsentrasi kerja saya.

kalau lah saya boleh terbang ke pulau rahsia dan duduk diam-diam kat sana kan best.ataupun bertapa di dalam gua sendiri.

mr. alien , please kidnap me. rasa nak lari dari bumi sekejap.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nak drumstick

Bagi betis nak peha.Tolong sikit pastu kena tolong banyak.

It's ok kalo nak mintak tolong. I am very helpful person but please don't make it as compulsory to help you.

I think it become a culture already and almost everyone experience same thing.

Study case 1 :
You stay back to do extra work at office . It is not necessary, and the reason of u staying back just because u want to help your friends .

But this friends, first time maybe they feel grateful to you. Then you keep helping them and at last their perspective change. From grateful become bossy already.And keep blaming you for the work that they should do it by themselves. Telling the boss about you this and that. At last , all people in the office blaming you instead of them.

Study case 2 :
You are student.You involves in group project. Whenever meeting, other team members really hard to turn up. At last you end up doing the project alone, based on your judgement. While people study hard for final exam, you struggling with the project.

When the dateline is near, the sleepy team member suddenly turn up and ask u, " How's thing going on now?Why u did like that ? If u do like this before then ..."

You tell them and they are good listener. Only that they did, listen.

So end of the semester, you got just cukup makan for project, also just pass exam( cukup makan also because u focusing on the project only) , compare with your smart team members which got cukup makan mark for project (because they just depending to you) and great mark for exam.

You just cursing them in your heart, u never told your lecturer because it feel unprofessional and at last , you the one who suffer.

Guess what? that's why sometimes some people got really bright and colorful result but that only on the paper.they still depending on some stupid people on many ways.

Study Case 3
This one also normal situation. You lend some money to your friends and at last you look like poor beggar begging them to payback. Oii..pandai berhutang pandai la bayar.

"Isk ... budak ni, datang nak mintak hutang la ni .." And people see you as guilty again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i met two different person, same task but different attitude.

i request something to person A.

person A said, until when i have to handle this? when this will be over?why don't u do this?why don't u ask your manager to do this and that? bla ...bla...and he suggesting the ideal environment which also i dream of. but in reality that was not under my power.

my task pending because this guy is keep complaining.instead of doing his job, he complaining about my job. but i still smile and say thank u, non-stop.

lucky him, this is professional environment whereby i have no choice but smile and say thank u, let him complaining about me.if not, i will shout at him like this.

can u do your own job and i do my job.if i do have access to do something that you have, do u think i will beg at u to do the task.i rather do it on my own instead of listening to all your curse.

then i raise the same issue to person B. person B just do it without saying nothing(i don't care if he said something behind me, if he did, he did well)

person B solved problem in less 20 minutes while person A took infinity.Case closed because person B already took over the job.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Comelnyer baby tu. Asal la diorang buang-buang jer?Cukupla satu dosa, jangan ditambah lagi. hu hu

Move forward

Yes. I spent my time maybe for a week by giving up. I hate myself and lost my passion to do almost everything.

Yes.I did.

But that enough.After I think deeply.Enough.Evil spirit must be laughing at me cause I start becoming a part of them.

Now I believe.Whatever is it , I must not give up.No...never.

Work hard.Pray. And keep moving forward.