Friday, January 18, 2008

Selamat tinggal Adik

Baru tadi dapat berita sedih mengenai kematian Adik yang keletah dan manja.Dipercayai dia meninggal semalam lebih kurang pukul 8 malam dilanggar kenderaan.Walaupun aku tiada di rumah aku dapat bayangkan keadaan ahli keluarga kami terutama Abang.Adik...Abang pasti merindui telatahmu yang comel dan nakal.

Aku akan upload kan gambar mereka berdua.

p/s:Once again my cat died because of accident.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cat Addictor

Last Sunday evening I captured cute kitties.Yahh..Cat is the one creature which I can never resist.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Something about Unid

So funny. Actually I wrote two entries before, but I just leave it because I quite busy. But when I want to continue it, I just can’t. It is not suitable with my mood right now. The first entry was too moody, I don’t want to spoil anybody mood in the early of year. And the second entry, I don’t even read it back. I will delete it right after I completing this one.

It is Sunday night and I watching TV3 program. Heroes and Smallville,I watch it, love it but not addict on it. Happy New Year mood still warm so I think it is not too late to write something about it. I think maybe it is suit to write something about me. I never know about myself deeply. Usually I get to know it if other people tell me. That’s why friends and enemy is mirror.

You need both but minimize the quantity of enemy. If you have 7 friends and 3 enemies, it’s great. If 5 enemies, 5 friends, normal.10 friends 0 enemy not normal, we are not angel. If 10 enemies 0 friend also not normal, we are not devil. We are human, we are trying our best. And we make mistakes while we are trying. That’s human. Human is creature that always trying to be good. And we are looking ‘being good’ in different views.

About me, what I felt and being told.
1. I prefer chocolate drink rather than Nescafe.I can drink Nescafe but it is not my favourite.

2. I not really need pillow when I sleep. Usually I throw it away while sleeping. (I did not realize it but when I wake up pillow is not under my head but outside of my mattress. I have bad style of sleeping which means I always moving around maybe more than 360  while sleeping but it is depending on the width of the space. Sorry about that.

3. I loves cartoon compared to movie that acted by real human. I think the message is easier to understand. I am not really into horror movies.

4. I never worry about weight because I think it increase by year not by food that I ate.

5. I was known as a girl who always sleeps earlier since high school. I stay up late depends on occasion and mood.

6. I loves Japanese anime and song but not really Japanese drama.

7. I love cute things such as soft toy, funny cartoons, and animals. A few days ago I got to know that ‘cute’ also have different view based on the person. For certain people maybe small, sexy panties can be classified as cute. But for me, cute is something that makes you thinks ‘kawaiiii’, different, or weird.

8. I love animal especially cat.

9. I never mind eating almost burn food as long it is not expired when I hungry. I never mind too much about matching color when choosing clothes. In other word, I eat and wear anything I like.

10. Sometimes I turn to be very sloth, reluctant girl and sometimes I turn to be super hardworking girl.

11. I always get blur and easy to lose my way. Sometimes I just do something without realize for example taking the wrong train and other things. I always enter the wrong class; follow the wrong schedule when I was at university. For example, without realize I wake up on Friday, cleaning my room happily until afternoon and then look up at my schedule and said,”Ohhh..I suppose to have class at the morning.” I missed many classes without intention to skip the class. I am not the person who loves to absent but usually I did it without realize and then blame myself because being blur and not alert. Sometimes when I want something to be good it will turn to be worst.

12. I hate someone that questioning all about myself in one time, I felt like I was investigated by police.

13. I never stick with one skin care product. I change it times to times without reason.

14. I never have boyfriend. I don’t know whether it is important or not. But people around me always talk about that until I think that getting partner is important objective in life.Umm..I thinks is normal because human is one type of animal,animal with brain. But I just wondering how my life will turn to if I really have boyfriend. And I never can figure out what type of guy that I like.

15. I love doodling. Especially when I stress.
16. I am daydreamer.

17. Currently I love apples, because it is easy to eat.To be honest,I love mango and pineapple but I need somebody peel it for me ;-)

18. I afraid of people, meeting new people scare me almost of the time. I always think what they are thinking about me.

19. I loves when people asking for my help, so I feel useful at least.
20. I cannot sleep without brushing my teeth and usually I stop taking any food after brushing my teeth at night.My friends also arguing about this,"Are you running out of toothpaste, just eat and brush it again.You can use my toothpaste if you want."

21. I hate to watch or reading fully long love story.Especially if the hero/heroine is fura fura about love (indecisive).If you not sure about love then don't fall in love in the first place.

22. I need to concentrate when writing. Usually if I writing blog, I write it at night and upload it tomorrow. I used to write stories when I was studying at high school but I quit after realize that I need to focus on my study.

23. I am not really into gold but I love to see crystal.
24. Sometimes I forget about my age and need to calculate when people ask for example current year minus birth year equal to my age.I weak in Math.Even if I study too hard, and put whole heart into it,the best grade that I got is D.I think I was cursed by Math.Luckily I am quite good in programming logic.

25. My family and my friends complain that I always take a long time while bathing.
26. I am spontaneous. Sometimes I just decide something out of blue for example resign with 24 hours notice, I did it before.

Huh … Enough.Thank you for reading.Actually there are lot more but I am tired.I want to listen to Ai Otsuka ,Planetarium.Oyasumi(Good nite)!!!