Wednesday, November 7, 2018

When you believe thing never goes wrong...

I lost my Touch N Go card recently with new topup value -- nearly hundred

I suspected I lost it when I tried *my best* to pay parking using machine near Wangsa Maju.Actually I got a few times experience with that *stewwpid* parking machine at Desa Pandan which require only coins or Touch n Go . However instead of few attempts to use Touch n Go, I ended up paying with coin *this is when I lost my card* I guess.

Challenges to use that car park machine
- be ready that the machine not always need to walk around to check which one is working.
- be ready to use your strength to push the button.I tried push harder sometimes fail, I even pressed with my house key and car key .There one occasion when 'we' (because many peoples queuing at machine and  there one nice guy help to press for other peoples and as return we helped him to use the machine)
-it claims touch n go is accepted BUT GOOD LUCK!
-you need to prepare coins.there one occasion even kedai mamak nearby running out of coins as many peoples come to them for exchange.

It was frustrated as I really took care of that touch n go.I bought it at Watson and I forgot to register with touch n go.

Today I called Watson hotline just to try my luck.They can help me to transfer my Watson point however they not able to relocate my touch n go.According to customer support, if I register with touch n go, I can call them and gain my money balance.

Whatever passed is past.

Lesson learned
- quickly register your touch n go card whenever you apply at none touch n go shop.
- hit that stewwpiiddd machine