Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mysterious Woman

Didn't I tell you that I loves drawing?I am not skillful but it is something that I addict since I was small.My father hates it because I spent a lot of time drawing instead of studying.

So I didn't attend the school that provided super art facility.So I just drawing and sketching alone as it release my stress away.I swear if I get children that addict in drawing I will give them fully support.So it will be more cheerful if you have passion in your career, right?But I am happy being a programmer.

Today I spending my time coding and drawing.I did it both,while waiting my coding to be compiled by NetBeans I sketch something on recycle paper.Then I continue coding, then sketching then go back coding...until I 've done both.

I don't why lately I love sketching a woman who show her back,and staring something out there.I started sketching from the body and not head.I never sure that it will be exhibited in gallery because usually I will throw it away.

Monday, December 17, 2007

What to do with the wall?

Yesterday I was hanging out with some friends.Eating,playing and iro iro things.I snapped iro iro pictures.Excited with a new camera.

I don't want to see both.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I can't wait to go home where I belong.

I can't wait to see my mother face that will melt all my stress away.

I can't wait to join my sisters and brothers laughing and arguing.

I can't wait to hear my father nagging.

I can't wait to disturb my cats playing

I can't forget my old shelter

I don't care how dreadful it is

Because I knew how much money that I got,

it's never be the same.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Make up and Stress

Yesterday I started applying make up.So funny because I need help even to apply roommate helped me applying foundation and blusher.I was so naive,isn't?

Maybe some of people wondering why suddenly I would like to apply make up.Lately iro iro things happens.Stress ,crying ,headache everything burst my head.
I want to take it positively but somehow it sound to simple to implement.So I think make up maybe can be one of solution.

If I wore makeup,I will make sure that my face is always look happy for make up to works.If I cry of course my make up will spoil.So I must smile and happy always right?Even the reason is funny but I don't care.;).Humm, but I need to consider the budget of makeup after this.

I only have basic thing like above.So a lot of things to buy.

p/s:I 'll make sure my make up is natural so I won't be like someone wearing kamen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mamoru and Midori

Last Friday our company had Family Day. They gave us Jade Plant/Crassula Ovata as souvenir. Iro iro things happens but I won't tell you. But all of that are good experiences. One of them is, maybe I should choose different clothes next time. It’s look horrible in camera, or maybe I am not photogenic enough.

Ok, forget about it. Let go back to Jade plant. I surfed thru internet it also called as Money Tree, Friendship tree so I fall in love with my plant even I hate it at first. Because it too heavy to travel with it. I named it Jade Lee, but then I take second plant so I decide to name it properly. So I named it Unid Midori (Green) and Unid Mamoru (Earth).I left Mamoru at my office and Midori at my house's balcony. SO can I say that I got a cute twin pair, Midori and Mamoru.