Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my happy beezy day

who said that u can enjoy if u don't have any work at office?

i m programmer...usually office hour is packed with coding stuff suddenly there's nothing to code.only do some research.

i free as i always wished for but i m not happy.it's been two days i was lingering around the net...until muntah.bored.

first i did some research then i surf everything start from code then beauty anything.SAAS, java , some charity website,music,mascara goes to lipbalm and bla bla...
man...i can't enjoy goyang kaki at office.

who said that playing during office hour is the best? i said we should play while we work...ermm..work while play?whatever but must both not only one.
play and work are both important.

and at last...to cure my boringness...i wrote this entry.

humm...how i miss my happy busy day

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