Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i met two different person, same task but different attitude.

i request something to person A.

person A said, until when i have to handle this? when this will be over?why don't u do this?why don't u ask your manager to do this and that? bla ...bla...and he suggesting the ideal environment which also i dream of. but in reality that was not under my power.

my task pending because this guy is keep complaining.instead of doing his job, he complaining about my job. but i still smile and say thank u, non-stop.

lucky him, this is professional environment whereby i have no choice but smile and say thank u, let him complaining about me.if not, i will shout at him like this.

can u do your own job and i do my job.if i do have access to do something that you have, do u think i will beg at u to do the task.i rather do it on my own instead of listening to all your curse.

then i raise the same issue to person B. person B just do it without saying nothing(i don't care if he said something behind me, if he did, he did well)

person B solved problem in less 20 minutes while person A took infinity.Case closed because person B already took over the job.

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