Saturday, August 28, 2010

Into the class again

It's come every year.Yes, it is fasting month, Ramadhan.

I enjoy this month, it's like whenever it start I always wish to be someone new.
But this year, I think I quite into to it.I really concern about my food intake, and I will make sure that I eat while hungry and stop before I full.I try to control my stubborn level and etc.It's quite tough.*Sigh

Believe or not, only this evening I happened to stop at Bazaar Ramadhan with my brother and sisters.We only took less than 30 minutes because it was really crowded.

I try to do Terawih every night, sadly I am doing it alone, same with reciting Quran.I wish I can do that with my friends.I lack a lot of thing and still crawling and learning.

I believe seeking the truth is human nature.People seeks for that in different way, and I hope we all can find it ourselves.

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