Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome back Unid

Peace be upon you!

Wow... First time I come here and writing something after more than 2 months.

Inikah jarak yang paling lama ? Rindunya nak merapu sorang-sorang kat sini.

It's been tough for me lately.A lot of thing being rough to me.Sometimes it under control sometimes it out of control.Sometimes we meet crazy peoples and sometimes we're the one who crazy.It's normal and it will become  a memory no matter how tough it be.

I, myself could not believe that my time in this world is quite long.Time run so fast.The nature of this world is greediness.How long we live here, it never been enough.Time always not enough.

We're chasing for many things, get a lot of thing and keep chasing.Rushing here and there.There no time to sit and still.Even 'sit and still 'also is something that we want to chase for.

I look people around me.They are much more younger, much more energetic and have achieve great things.I impressed, not many young people aware that youth is irreplaceable.

Sometimes I think that it's maybe too late for me, to do something big.But then, I also see a lot of older people still striving and not giving up.Does not matter young or old, I still have time, didn't I?

One breath ... it really worthy for a person who dying.For us, who still doing more than breathing should be thankful.

By time,Indeed, mankind is in loss,Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.(Alquran : Al Asr)

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