Sunday, January 24, 2010


Kreck …Eeckkk… That sound. Creepy sound like someone was walking on the roof. But wait, I stay in 3rd floor in 4th floor flat. No roof. But I could hear walking, maybe near to my window.

I could not sleep and it almost midnight, and then I went out to check out. Nothing! But creepy sound went into my head and I forgot what time I fall asleep.
Tomorrow morning I was terribly sleepy. I keep yawning and yawning and complaining how sleepy I was until my colleague said, “You need a coffee.”

On Saturday morning, when I was doing my laundry, then I heard that creepy sound again. It was like something big walking on something. I really get mad, and this time won’t let it go.
And guess what? Tadaaa…

That was a fat, notty cat that think he was cute walking on my window’s roof. Aduh, you never can get mad to the cat rite? They have immunity whereby whatever they did, they always maintain cute.

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  1. Hehehe sian ko nid!!Rupe2nye kucing notty tu jadik "HANTU"!