Tuesday, January 5, 2010

how come

you never know me
you never know am i ugly or cuty
never know my weakness, my strength
never know my pain, my pleasance

yet you call me your queen, your princess, your darling

how come?

how come you claiming that i am yours while you know nothing


  1. owh unid...i guess this guy is kind of sweet talker...but doesnt mean his player...its not fair to jugde him, yet we dont even know him...
    senang cakap..dier nak ambik ati ko laa..nak buat ko melt kat dier...my advise...kawan jer..but be careful sbb kalo br kenal jer dah sweet2 nih..mungkin dier praktikan mende yg same kat org lain..

  2. confirmed.he was just sweet talker.and i am so lucky not cheated by him .. :)