Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not mine

Anyone here think that our heart/body is ours? I have a lot of questions popping in me head lately.

I want to claim that my body is mine but...

1) I don't know my blood type yet

2)Also don't know how many hair I have

3)No idea what happen to my brain currently

4)No clue when I m going to die

5)I tot I am pretty but I think I just perasan

6)If mirror was not invented, I think I don't know how I look like except if I sitting at the pond, starring at my own reflection.Hoohh..maybe I think I look like monkey.

7)I cannot control my mood especially when having PMS

8)Can I pause , and choose what day to period?

9)I cannot see my own eye, ears.

10)Oohhh.. the wrinkle come out

That just body... how about heart.Well it well done complicated

1)Why suddenly I want to eat pisang goreng?I want crabby patty also that make by Spongebob..huwaa

2)I know good is good but why so hard to do that?

3)Can we control not to fall in love or choose the person we want to love?

4)I know madness is not good for health but I WANT TO MAD!!

5) Listen..she is your mom,   but I am so stubborn.

6).... so complicated.. why the heart is not listening to me?

So it proof that mine is not mine after all.

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