Friday, May 2, 2008

Labor Day

Yay…Labor Day!!. I woke up late. While having breakfast (my great housemate made it) then I realized I got SMS since 6.33 pm from my mom; “Syoknya tidor, bangun-bangun la solat pastu sambung balik.”(It’s good to sleep but wake up and pray, and then you can continue your dream). Hoh…of course I didn’t realize it because I was sleeping but luckily I was allowed to skip prayer. Happy to be a woman! ;-)

Then I also received SMS from friend, asked me to hanging out. But I am not in the hanging out mode.I wanted to go Low Yatt to buy a hard disk, but then I remember that I promised my other friend to go with her on the next Sunday. So I think the best is to stay quite at house on the Labor Day.

I start up my notebook and started playing Atlantis until “You got High Score 2 +++ +++”.Then I played Dinner Dash, it’s really challenging and quite irritating too. I hate when I clicked on the menu, but the game did not detect it. So I lost.

Bosan. I opened Charlotte’s Web DVD. It was interesting movie about Charlotte the spider helping pig named Wilbur. I love the movie and memorize the quote from it such as, “I made, I wait then I get it.”Something likes that. “We born, we live for some time and then we die. It’s a circle “
It's remind me about one chapter in Koran titled Al Ankabut (Spider). Spider is miracle, nobody teach them how to create such a great web but they did it. Wonderful creature!

Then I started sweeping the house, took one of my luggages and started packaging a little. I hate it.FYI; next week is my last week at my current company. I move to the new company at my home town. I hate it because I need to separate from my friends but love it because I will be close to my family. One of the important reasons is to build a house for my parent. I estimated two years then I will do whatever I want such as travelling around the world.

I came from poor family so I want to thanks to my parent by building a house for them. I knew that I will be suffering especially in term of money because building a house required quite a lot of money, not to include the crisis especially when I am stubborn, stone head daughter.

Humm...After getting bored packaging, I continued playing game. I wish I could go to Low Yatt today, bosan siut! But be patient, next Sunday won’t take so long. It’s already dusk, I wash myself and then watching TV 3 drama, SAKA .It’s quite good horror drama. But I am not really into horror because I already got symptom could-not-sleep-in-the-dark after watching Congkak. It’s been a week I got that symptom and it was suck, especially when you knew that sleeping with the light on is not a good sleep.

Then I get to sleep, and as usual because I got could-not-sleep-in-the-dark symptom, I continued to turn on, turn off the light. Once I turned off and started to close my eyes then I suddenly woke up and turned on the light. What a tiring routine. But last night I managed to sleep in the dark. My officemate also got the same symptom but I don’t know how bad it is.

Today morning, when I arrived at the office, my friend smiling ,said that she could not make it on Sunday because she will go back Perak for the whole weekend and assumed that I already noticed it. #$%^&&!!!! Ohh… I forgot that I was the one who drove her to buy a bus ticket on the first place. How can I still assume that she will be out on the next Sunday while buying the ticket? Fool on me!

Maybe I was destined to stay at home quietly yesterday.

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