Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sick to be sick

I caught by cold. Nose drip, cough, and sore throat! Since I working at this company I am not sure how many times I attacked by the virus. Seem like my body is so fragile. I never thought that sharing drink with infected friend can cause me badly. I knew that is not good sharing glass, room while you had cold but I never thought that can be simply happen.

Rewind to last Saturday while I was hanging out with my friend. She was drinking 100 Plus and I wanted it.

Hananako refused to share with me because she got flu symptom.
Hananako :Aku ni kena selsema, kang berjangkit( I got cold.The virus will spread)
Unid : Takper…takdela (Never mind. I don’t care)

Gulp…gulp I was drinking happily .One day after that my throat felt dry and sore. I don’t want to believe it until yesterday, the fluid flowing from my nose non-stop. I was infected. Sob…sob...I bought some medical herb and Air Cap Badak from Watson, pharmacy was not open yet. I believed that it was not so bad; it will cure in a minute without seeing the doctor. But I was wrong.

Today it become worst, I already finished boxes of tissue. I could not work properly, I only stare at my Notebook while control the fluid that running out from my nose. Shit! I hate cold. I also hate headache, stomachache, fever and bla…bla. Anyway who loves sick? No one right?!

I hate cold because I felt unhygienic. I could not wash my hair, could not wash body properly. I need to prepare hot water before I can take bath. I need to get away from aircond and anything that cold. I need to hurry up when apply face powder, faster that running fluid from my nose. My face looks dull and dry. I need to go toilet always. I need to bring tissue box and plastic bag everywhere. I can’t eat properly, I lost my appetite.

At last, running out of option, I went to clinic. I hated to use my PMCare card especially when I knew that tomorrow is my last day at office.

Doctor : Demam ke ?(Got fever?)
Unid: Entah. Tak kut, Cuma selsema.Tapi badan rasa cam panas jer.(Not sure, just cold but my body feeling hot)
Doctor put thermometer at my forehead: Demam ni, you duduk dalam aircond that’s why you tak perasan.Aircond tuh sejuk.( You got fever, you working with aircond that why you didn’t notice that your body temperature is quite high)

Doctor gave me medicine and mask. I took the medicine as soon as I arrived at office desk and wear the mask that makes me look like alien.”Engkau nak protest ke?” (You want to protest or something),”Look like surgeon”. It’s very rare people wearing mask when they got flu here. My friends laugh at me and I end up working at surau (prayer room) to avoid air cond and curious faces.

Working alone give me a lot of idea writing blog. Thanks to my friend for their concern. Atashi daijoubu des. He he he.So happy reading!

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