Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For all time

I bought new notebook Lenovo.I called it Leno

Here some summaries on what happening to me lately.

Reason to smile
Everybody in this world have problems, stress sometimes end up by commit suicide. If we’re thinking about it, there’s no reason to be happy.
Huh…every morning I try to pull my lip to cheek, make a smile.Smile.Be happy. I smile simply just because I don’t want to be sad. Simple .Boleh ke?

Lately I feel something wrong with my brain.I get blur easily , and looks like I lost in my own world, even I don’t know where is it.All the words that come to me is fading and I always end up with ,”Huh?”
I having difficulties to remember thing, even the things that I used to do.Feeling uncertain and I don’t why.My God, how I suppose to work when my brain is in hibernate mode.

My Monkey Cat
Sometimes I am thinking whether the creature that meowing in my house is a cat or monkey. So so naughty. All my thing ruined because of him. I am not sure why he hates me so much. All my thing, just named it, clothes, makeup and even my lovely Ceri all have his trace. Sana sini.
I really wanted to tie him and hang him at rambutan tree, let the monkeys eat him
But I ended up with shout, “You’re EVILLLLL…” With kisses on his forehead.

Ceri Parit
It was Israk Mikraj which related to Prophet went to sky and bla…bla…But it also related to Ceri who went into parit (drain) in palm oil field. Ceri , you always being naughty. Before this you kiss Ceri tree passionately, until I need to claim insurance. Now you kiss parit even ringan-ringan still I lost rm 400.

Stupid Ceri Parit.I need to tebus maruah with my money.I lost my dignity. Siut la lu Ceri, or should I said siut la Unid. You‘re crazy driver.

Great Sister
I messing up with my work until I got sms from my younger sister.
“I am very thankful to God cause giving me a great sister like you.I hope that God always bless you ”
I just stared on it and think what a sudden?
Late evening my mom give me a call.
“Today is your sister’s birthday, why don’t you wish her”
Huh, that explains all about what a sudden. Sorry sis, I even forgot my own birthday.

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