Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Love the Wrong Person

My fren told me that her boyfriend was loved by other girl.My fren was so sad.

I just said to her.

It was not your fault, not that girl fault.Sometimes our destiny is not in our hand.

I just hope that she will be strong. I hope her relationship will be last forever.

And for the girl who loves the wrong person. I knew you try your best to get over it. You're not alone, a lot of other peoples falling in love with wrong person until they meet their Mr./ Miss Right.


p/s : and it gimme idea to write in Namaku Nurindah

1 comment:

  1. for those gurl who happend to love the wrong person...terpakse laa terima..mungkin tat person tur bkan tuk nyer...n jgn laa selfish smpi sanggup lukakan hati org lain..

    Pe2 pon, pada gurl yg bf nyer di chentai pompuan need to long as ur bf setia kat u...u r still safe...byk2 berdoa..hati tu kan milik Allah...bile2 pon DIA boley lenyapkan perasaan cinta itu dan mmberi nyer kepada org lain...

    Just do ur best...n wish her gud luck