Friday, March 21, 2014

My Real Name

Peaceful Friday Everyone.

Today I just come to office and do some of  my morning ritual - make coffee, eat biscuit while open my inbox.I always open my email first to check if there any high priority task that I need to cater beside my routine programming task.Well, it sound 'boring' isn't?

When I scroll down the inbox my eyes get caught by this subject:

Article on "Nur" from the New York Times

It was from my project manager who located in US.We only talk during conference meeting and I think we never talk anything personal except weather as I remembered.Most of the time we only talk about project- actually I seldom talk, because the conference is joined by group of peoples.So I just listen and break into once in a while.

I opened the email, and touched with her sentence.

Hi-  I read this article and thought I would send it to you.  Now I know what your name means.  Beautiful!

It is quite surprise because I never thought that someone will come across and think about my name's meaning especially when she is not so close me.

When thinking about name, I had funny experience during my childhood whereby I hate my name.My name spelling is Nur Husnidha and my friends always pronounce it as NID - HA. So my full name sound like  NUR HUSNID-HA and it seriously weird compared to my friends name.Some of them try to pronounce it as DHO. So it sound like NUR HUSNIDHO, arghh I feel so ugly.[bila masa pulak unid jadi lawa ni.. :O ]

I went back home crying and quarreling with my mom.I want to change my name to other name.I told her that my friends are making fun with my name.So I suggested her to change my name to:
OMG, when I rethink about it, I am SO lucky my mom didn't follow my request because I am not sure what happen to me if I carry SALMA name.:') . Imagine people call me 'SALMA' ... argh it is so not me.

Why SALMA?At that time, I was hooked by Nancy Drew series that translated into Malay : Siri Salma.
You can go through Siri Salma's list here.
My mom explained about my name, why they put DHA instead of DA. So people will call you softly, DA for us(parent) is sound quite rough.[Heh..but I think people doesn't care about rough or soft sound]
So although I am not sure what is exact meaning, I keep telling my friends to pronounce NUR HUSNIDHA with soft DA. When I grown up, I think not only kids have problem with my name but adult also,some of examples are:
DHA turn become DAH.

In 2013 this bank still spell my name correctly, but I m not sure got data maintenance or something because  in 2014 , my name lost the 'H'.

I am not really care about it until one day after I submit a form to an agency, a clerk called me and asked,

 "Betul ka nama eja ni D.H.A?" [Is the name spelled correctly?D.H.A?]
"Ya." [Yes]
"Oh, saya ingat akak silap eja nama akak."[I thought you spelled your name wrongly]
Teheee. :'(

So back to  today story, after reading my PM's email , I google about my name's meaning.I knew that Nur means "light". It is common name in Malaysia but I am not sure about Husnidha. My mom just told me that they asked an ustaz about this name before I was born and  it should mean something like 'the light of goodness'.
I bumped into this site- and I think these should be the meaning of my name.

Yes, the name meaning is really good and suddenly I feel so heavy to bear it.So I conclude myself that the meaning of my name is something like this :

"The light of beautiful prayer."

Eh... I seriously not sure because I don't know arabic. :)

Today I think about it deeply, I am grateful being born.I know my parent took quite very long time to choose a good name.There a lot of good name out there, but why they chose this?They put their wish and du'a in the name and hopefully the child grow up with blessing and du'a.Some babies are not so lucky to have a name like us, some even being throw up into the rubbish bin without any name.So I am very thankful and I hope Allah bless my parent till Jannah.

Have you ever think what your name mean?I m sure your parent will come out with story how they get your name :)

Now you wonder... How I get unid as my nick name?

WARN :This entry might contains grammar  error . Any comments are welcome.

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