Monday, March 17, 2008

20 cents

What a breezy Saturday morning. I woke up earlier, put on some clothes, picked up my sister and drove straight away to Taman Titiwangsa. It's been quite long time I did not running. I love running compared to jogging just because I felt jogging is slower. I want to run as fast as I can until I exhaust.

But I won't run on the hard pedestrian road. I was quite choosy since I don't want to hurt my spine. I watched a documentary that showed running on the grass is the best due to low impact of momentum. So I would like to run on jogging track. I wish one day that I can run along beach, listening to the waves, smelling the salt. What a heaven.

So since we didn't reach at jogging track yet, we discussed about a lot of things such as politic, science, finance, world and much more until I felt weird with tummy."I want to pee."I said suddenly.

"Huh, but we not even start running yet."

I started to find some cent in my pocket. We need to pay 20 cents to enter the public toilet."Did you have any cents?"I asked her since I could not find any in my pocket.

"No."She also tried to find it from her pocket. She moves her hand all over her clothes to find one."We already far far away from car. I left my purse there, usually I bring it." She sounds regretful.

"Huh, no way. The car was far far away and so do jogging track. Why suddenly I felt I want to pee. It's weird!Usually I am not that type."I put my palm on my tummy, try to comfort it.

"I think I should run now, running faster."I started to run; I want to complete it sooner so I can go back earlier. The liquid inside my tummy was waving fiercely. I can feel it.

"Yeah...Keep running, while I looking for some cents for you."She makes an excuse to not running but walking while hoping that she could find cents on the track. What a non sense idea. But I really hope that she managed to find at least 20 cents on the road, so I can spend my time in park longer.

When I done my running in less than 10 minutes, I stopped and asked her."Did you find any cent?"

"No. No one drops their money here."My sister voice sounds disappointed but she was smiling. Maybe she thought it was funny.

We were rushing to the car park; my eyes pointed to the public near us and hoping it was free. My sister just shakes her head. Maybe she thought I was crazy.

”Can I just ask those people for 20 cents, sure they got since they brought their girlfriend here.”That idea just popped up inside my head.

"Arrghhh...I could not hold any longer let's go. I am going to pee at Tesco .“I hurried to the car park.FYI, Tesco is a supermarket.

Unid: Sometimes it happen just like that. So next time I will make sure that I keep 20 cents in my pocket.

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