Monday, January 22, 2018

Traveler's Factory, my travel companion

Assalamualaikum and Hello

This is not sponsored entry- honestly, I do wish it is. =)

I love writing notes, collecting entry tickets, receipts during travel.I didn't have a proper system of doing it, therefore, it ended up being a waste.

"Anything that we keep; if there is no management system, it can be considered as a waste."

1 May 2016
I was cruising from shop to shop in Narita Airport, killing my time while waiting for my flight to Kuala Lumpur. I bumped into Traveler's Factory store and I can see a lot of other traveler spending their time looking at notebook, stationery and spending time enhancing their journal.Yes, there a table with the variety of tools such stamps etc for people to work with their journal.

For people who love stationery like me, this is heaven.I ended up using my last yen buying a special edition with some refill notes.
pic credit to Baum Kuchen blog because I didn't have the pic

It's very cool when we put all our travel notes, doodle in one place.I found myself enjoying using it, paste all collectible receipts, tickets, doodle until recently I finished my last refill note and I am not sure where to find the same brand.

In next episode of traveling, I didn't have my traveler's companion with me and I feel so empty.I tried to use other notebook but it just not the same.

"It just a notebook." say a friend

Now I understand the feeling of attachment to a brand.While some peoples only use certain scarves, shoe, phone; me in other hand have an attachment with Traveler's Factory.I would like to have all my travel stories in Traveler's Factory journal.

Until recently I was looking for my giveaway gift at Kinokuniya, KLCC; I saw my lovely Traveler's Factory sit elegantly inside the glass shelf; locked.

Ohhh... Travel's Factory is initiated from Japan- Kinokuniya also from Japan. Silly me not give a thought about it at first place.

Quickly, I called sales assistant to open it for me and I think I almost crying when flipping stuff there.

It's not cheap journaling tool, the refill notes can be priced from RM17.++.
I become their fan already =).I am happy now I can travel with a peaceful mind knowing that I have my Traveler's Factory.

small pen and pencil - a gift from a friend
Do you love journaling?
Is there any certain brand/way that makes you feel you couldn't live without it?
Let me know in the comment below.

See you soon.


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