Friday, January 5, 2018

Unid dah berhenti workout...

Ingat tak unid pernah post unid buat workout almost every morning sebelum pergi kerja. Segala bermula somewhere in November/December unid stop.Sedar sedar dua bulan unid on-off workout.Ada la berenang sekali sekala.

What happen...

My body does not like it.I didn't realize how hard it tried to tell me and I keep ignoring it until...

Dalam tak sedar my mood become cranky.Lemau dan tak bersemangat.Plus-- negative thoughts macam senang masuk.Senang fikir bukan-bukan dan jadi malas.

Makan langsung tak jaga.Walaupun sebelum ni unid memang tak jaga pun tapi  sepanjang unid buat workout I notice that I less crave for unhealthy food.Lately sikit-sikit nak ayam goreng, burger bagai.

Maka somewhere on 29 -Disember I start balik.I try to jog before pergi kerja.And I noticed that day I became more productive and cheerful.

This year unid start balik work out.Oh betapa beratnya badan dan how it really longing for exercises.

Unid start with my all time favorite yoga dan juga 3 minutes plank.Macam biasa lepas settle ibadah terus salin baju dan  hampar yoga mat.
No handphone.If ralik nanti akan panik tak cukup masa dan start nak ngelat.

Seriously if we take care of our body-- our body will help us.Actually by nature all cell inside our body are being plugged in with high survival spirit.They are trying their best to live and survive and never give up.We the one who make their life harder.
unid suka sebab pendek dan effective.3 minutes jer pun.

i loves this sebab rasa lega lenguh lenguh bila buat

*help our body to help us*


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  1. This is a goid reminder to myself yg recently pun on-off workout. Thanks Unid!