Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missing the Light

If you live in the dark where there‘s no light. You dreaming of sun but when you wake up you see nothing. No moon no star. It’s black. You lose your hope. You pull yourself together and say, “It’s my reality-black.” You try to accept the fact. Your life is black and it’s a fact.

Then one day, a small light come and you ignore it because you think it was dream. Then it’s gone. Maybe forever, you never know. You missed the light.

So can you be blamed because of ignoring that light? When the whole of your life is black, is ignoring the light can be your unforgivable sin?

I already accept my life is black. I stop believing for the light because it wastes my time. I should learn living in the darkness rather hoping for the light. But I can’t stop thinking, “Will I commit the same sin? Will I miss the light?”

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