Saturday, September 6, 2008


John : I wanted to kill myself.
Unid: Why?
John: I hate myself.All people hate me.
Unid:You sure?
John:Yup, no one treat me good. I think they will happy if I die
Unid:Are you sure they gonna be happy?
Unid:How do you confirm it?
Unid:How do you confirm that they gonna be happy after you die?

Unid:How do you confirm it while you already died? Humm..Died people cannot confirm about other people feeling. Better you confirm it while you still alive. Once you died, you cannot confirm nor do anything .So better you change it while you still alive. Why do you need to choose death when you already know that died people can’t do anything?
Other matter is does not matter except you’re still alive. Just take a breath, feel the air and Start again

Unid : John is nothing except Unid’s imagination. But still giving up is the worst thing to do.

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