Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bad minton

When the whole world is celebrating Olympic Beijing, me and my brother spending time by playing badminton.We don’t have proper net so do you recognize it?Yup, kelambu lama.

Because we not playing in canggih manggih nest stadium, we got problem.Unid, salah seorang pemain perasan glamour selalu menyepoilkan keadaan dengan melayangkan bulu tangkis ke bumbung stadium.

But then we already prepare the consequences.

End of game, 20 -16 , Unid vs Telo.The maximum score that Unid got only 16, the min?I won’t write it. ;P
Unid: Alaa…markah tuh sikit sebab faktor cahaya and angin la!!!!!!!!!!!

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