Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Braces always come out

This evening I  went to clinic again.One of the braces came out for about 3 days already.That was the result of trying to bite jeruk kelubi.I was warned by my sister but it was too late already.

The problem when the braces come out it feel like marble in my mouth.Imagine that one of the braces hanging out.When ever I try to talk the sound of krrkk ..krrkkk also come out.

Actually the braces come out is normal issue.I faced it averagely once a week.So I have to go clinic frequently to get it fix.I didn’t write the date at Braces : Chronological because it get too frequent till I feel there’s no point to jot it here.

So when wearing Damon braces, yes I won’t see the dentist for braces appointment frequently as stated in the advertisement.In fact, I haven’t done the ‘pulling’ yet.But I always see her assistant to put the braces back on my teeth.

I admitted that I quite disappointed with the issues.Some of my friend even ask me, why my case is too frequent.The concern is , I might get cheated by the dentist.But the dentist told me that’s normal for braces to come out in the early stage.It prove that my teeth is moving.I cannot expect the braces to be static on the teeth.Especially when my teeth originally in the poor arrangement.

The dentist statement quite make sense as my teeth making move.The different can be seen by my family even though I haven’t go through ‘pulling’ process yet.It ‘s like the braces is doing their job by their own.The reason why the dentist does not pull my teeth yet( I will get the proper word for this), is she said-for the early stage let the brace adapt to my teeth first.Usually it will take about two months or more.Once the teeth got more space then the pulling process can be done.

So I have to be patient, actually the case of braces come out decrease lately.It become once per two weeks.For today case, it is because I tried to bite jeruk kelubi.Jeruk kelubi is quite hard junk plus it’s very sour .

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